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hi guys,
Hope you are all well!

Big news: We moved to Texas and I'm working on my life long dream project:…

I also might be doing something new with Nickelodeon...
hi guys,
I'm currently working on the MAD cartoon.
Check out a little short we made:…

Hope you like it,
Hi everyone,
Thank you for stopping by.

The support and love we have received from all the El Tigre fans in DA has really touched us. There's nothing we love more than to see you guys draw the characters we cherish and love. As I have stated before, once the characters aired on TV the show and the Miracle City world belongs to you guys. Thank you!

Here's what I'm planning to do with this DA account:

1. I will try to keep posting "El Tigre" art and my personal work periodically. As much as I would like to draw all the requests I get, that's probably not going to happen. I'm sorry.

2. I will also attempt to answer all "El Tigre" questions you might have. Again, have patience with me.

Thanks again for stopping by.
Your pal,